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She's a sweet little barmaid.......
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Sunday, July 17th, 2005
6:27 pm
After a brief but insightful explanation, we all had agreed to travel someplace safer. Boris peeked out from behind the bar.
"Is it over?"
"Yes Boris, it is" I said while helping him up. "My bar, just look at it!" Boris wailed. "THis should be enough to fix any damages" THe dark one said while pulling a large back of coins from the belt of the fallen Orlyn, stolen coins no less.

We went outside the pub and discussed where we were going to travel to next.

"So where do your travels take you Milady?" The dark one asked.

"I....." I stuttered, unsure of whether to let them know of my mission. I then realized I would need to trust someone if I were to make it to hidden grove.

"I am traveling to Hidden Grove." I said
"Well, you have quite the journey ahead of you. But, I know I will not mind helping you every step of they way" The tall one said.
"I will have to agree. I will be honored to travel with you till you find your destination," the dark one added.
"Thank You"
They mounted their steeds and that's when I relized I had walked to the pub that day. I looked around and noticed a White Stallion tied underneath a tree. It was Orlyn's horse, but now it was mine. I untied it and mounted the great beast.

We rode off while the sun sank past the earth. Traveling far off into the next few towns. It was getting darker and it made it hard for us to keep riding so we stopped at a cozy inn for rest. Dismounting and tying our steeds, I realized I didn't even catch the gentlemens names.
"I just realized something, I didn't catch either of your names."
"I am Josiah" The tall one said.
"And I am Arkham" The dark one answered.
"I see, I am Geneva, very pleased to make your aquaintance. Now that we've had a proper introduction, shall we?" I said, motioning to the inn door.
Upon entering we are greeted by a little old woman with greying hair and a sweet smile.
"How are you three this evening? Must be very weary from your travels."
"I would like a room for the night please kind lady" I asked.
"We would also like a room" Arkham asked.
"A room for the lady and a room for the gentlemen. Right this way". We followed the lady to another side of the inn. Our rooms were side by side, one room, had two beds, the fellows rooms of course.
"Have a lovely nights rest, if you need anything, you can ask me" The old woman said. Thanking her we went to our own rooms. I unhooked my belt and set it on a corner table, along with my arm cuff and sandals. I looked around the room and found a wooden armoire on one side of the wall. To my convenience I found a variety of nightgowns, blankets, and sheets. I pulled out one of the white night gowns and changed out of my armor. I walked over to the window and opened it. I leaned onto the windowsill staring at the night sky. The stars glittered accross the blanket of black that had become the sky.

"Lovely isn't it?" Josiah asked. I turned to see him leaning out of the window to his room. His skin seemed to glow in the moonlight.
"Yes, it is." I turned and looked back up at the sky.
"Milady" I heard a voice say. I turned and noticed Josiah wasn't in the window anymore. "Hello? Who said that?" I turned but still saw nothing.
"Over here milady" I heard the voice say. Out from the shadows Arkham came.
"Why are you out there?" I asked
"I thought I saw something, but I didn't find anything, it must've just been a cat".
"I could barely see you out there"
"Yes, that is one of the advantages I have. Well, goodnight milady"
"Good night"

I tucked into bed and blew out the candle next to me. I lay, feeling my self slowly drift off. I was dreaming soundly when I heard a noise outside the window. I got up and quietly peeked out from behind the curtain. Seeing nothing I opened the window and looked out, noticing that the men's window was wide open. I went out of my room and knocked on the men's door. When nobody answered I tried the knob and it opened. Both men had gone! I ran back to my room and noticed that someone had left a small axe in the wooden table next to my window. I grabbed my daggers and climbed out the window...

To be continued.......
Friday, July 8th, 2005
1:40 pm
The legend begins.......
Hello. This is a tale...my tale....I don't know many people, but I travel, unsure of my destination but sure of my mission. I must find Hidden Grove...perhaps the answer to my question lies there...

It is Midday, I walk reluctantly to work at the local pub. My blue linen skirt flaps softly in the passing breeze. The shoulders of my white silk shirt falling down, my brown leather corset the only thing keeping it from falling off completely...I'd have a smaller one if my others hadden been destroyed. Thanks to a much larger friend, I actually have one to wear.

I step into the pub, the smell of alcohol and sweat fill my nostrils. An array of hoots and hollars sound as I walk into the room. For some reason, I have become quite popular here....

"Ah, on time I see" Says Boris as I walk over to the bar to begin work. Boris is a short, portly balding man. Though his appearance wasn't much for the eye to see, he was a gentle man. "I think the gentleman in the corner needs help>"
"I'll see to it that he gets help sir", I say While grabing a Mug of ale.

"Hello Sir, would you like your mug filled?"
"Yesh milaaadeee" The man says slurring his words making the almost inaudible. After pouring his drink I walk around making sure everyone is served.

Hours pass and work continues as usual, with the occasional rowdiness here and there. As I go back to the bar to refill my pitchers, I notice to unusual gentlemen walk in. The first is tall, with long brown hair, and skin that glows in the moonlight. The second, almost as tall as the first, with deep dark skin, and a mysterious aura about him. I feel myself staring though I know I shouldn't I am intrigued. I notice them looking at me and look away. "Did we leave the pub so soon Geneva?" Boris says while interupting my thoughts. "I...." I stutter. "Don't worry sweetie, maybe you should go see if they'd like a drink."

I make my way to the other side of the pub, pitcher in hand. I wonder to myself if they are here for a reason...maybe sent here to kill me. I must not let on anything.

"Hello gentlemen, care for a drink?" My eyes dart from one to another, trying to read what they are thinking.

"Yes please Milady" the tall one says. I fill his mug to the top.

"Milady" The dark one says while holding his mug.

"So where are you gentleman from?" I ask while leaning over the table. My gaze swithching from one to another. I have had assasins after me before, I had to be sure. Plus they were so.....

"We come from a far off place....it has been destroyed" The tall one says.

"We seek answers" The dark one whispers. "It's too much to explain. We are traveling and need a place to rest."

"That's what brings us here" The tall one finishes.

"Oh really? sounds very intersting" I say, thinking to myself, I wonder if they are telling the truth.
The dark one gets up. "I have to go check something, I left a pack on the horses and I wanna make sure it's still there. I'll be beack shortly."

"Looks like I may need another drink Milady" He says, holding up his empty mug.

"Yes sir" I say. As I walk away I can feel him staring at me.

"I think Orlyn wants another drink" Boris says to me while I grab another pitcher."

I walk over to the half drunk Orlyn. He's quite the massive beast of a creature. Very ogre like.

"What took ya so long?" He complains as I get closer. "Come here he says, while grabbing me and pulling me closer"

"Let go of me Orlyn!" I shout. "No, now give me my ale" he grunts. "Here is your ALE!" I say while dumping the pitcher of Ale over his big round head.

He gets up and pulls a shiney daggar from his boot. He steps closer to me with a wild grin on his face. He raises his hand to stab me as a glowing blue arrow wizzes past my face and into Orlyn's shoulder. He lets out a shout of pain as his hand comes down and grazes me. My outfit is now slashed so I pull it off. My metal armor and chainmail skirt twinkle in the light. I pull a long dagger out from behind my skirt. I look into the direction of where the arrow came from. The tall one stands there with his bow drawn and another arrow ready. Orlyn looks at me but before he can make another move a second arrow hits him in the chest. HIs eyes widen as he falls forward. I look around and notice that 8 more goons have gotten up. I turn and stab the one nearest me as a second runs toward me. I take the stabbed one and hurl him at the second one whom loses his balance and falls over hitting his head on the bar. I notice the tall one has already taken down three with his arrows. Two more come at me, I kick one in the temple and as I spin back around stab the other right in the throat. I turn and notice the last has been taken down. Turning to see how bad everyhting is I notice the tall one standing there. I could feel my heart beating in my chest, my breaths were deep. I meet the tall ones gaze, what is seconds feels like eternity as a struggle with what to say. Maybe there is nothing to be said but......

"Hey, what happened here?" The dark one asked as he walks back into the pub.
The tall one and I look at each other. There was a lot of explaining to do...


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Thursday, July 7th, 2005
9:45 pm
PLease do NOT post in this community. All posts will be story written by me. You can onloy comment on the story, not make your own posts or add to it. Unless I give you permission. This is "her" point of view after all :) enjoy!
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